Quick Guide

Step by Step guide on how to install Demeter Mini

Base Module

1. Position the base module on a clean and flat surface with LCD facing in front.


2. Place the stand on the allotted holes. Ensure that the stand with DC port is on the front left side of the Base Module

LED Light Housing

3. Place led light housing in place. Be sure that the DC port is on correct position.


4. Place the planter for your leafy greens, herbs and microgreens in place.

Growing Bed

6. Place the planter growing bed of your choice.

Water and Nutrients

7. Fill the water tank and nutrient solutions containers. You can have Part 1 and 2 nutrient solution or simply fill both nutrient tanks with Part 1 solution. Ensure that correct tanks are filled with nutrients and pH solutions as marked on the bottles.

Power on

8. Place the power cord in its port and turn on the switch.


Here's the final look when installation is complete. Your Demeter Mini is now ready for online setup.

Online Setup

After installation, Demeter Mini need to be set up on Demeter companion App. Download from google play and IOS and search for lagwerta.

Open the App to sign up with online services such as AI, photos, sensor data with graphs and time-lapse video.

1.       Sign Up and fill up the required informations such as username, password, email and phone number. A security code will be sent to your email. Open your email and use the code to complete registration.

2.      Sign In with your username and password.

3.     You will be redirected to Dashboard homepage. (Initially no data will be found for 1st time set up.)

4.     Click the 3 horizontal lines (HomePage) at the top left of the screen.

5.      Click device  registration. Enter your wifi credentials, and select the device found for bluetooth connection.

6.     For full autonomous set-up, slide option Auto Grow. When selected everything will be done automatically by the system. (Only for Premium model)

7.a   Interactive Mode - manually control of light interval, light intensity of individual spectrum, fan speed, 

7.b   Interactive Mode - manually control of nutrient solution's pH and EC. (Only for Premium model)