Demeter Mini

Produce your food with no soil and direct sunlight. Fully autonomous, designed for busy families and experienced farmers alike.

Worry Free Cultivation

We are bringing this intelligent system to homes. Now your family can enjoy pesticides-free and high quality nutritious leafy greens and herbs direct from your mini garden with less effort.



Intelligent Features that makes growing fun and easy!

Full Automation with AI

Nurture your plants with our Artificial Intelligence feature. There is no need to think if your plants have enough fertiliser, adequate sunlight, or the right pH level. And less guessing when to add water and nutrients. Let the AI and our autonomous system do the hard work for you!

Customise plant structure

Blue lights for shorter stems and have smaller, thicker, and darker green leaves. 

Far-Red for longer leaves and elongated stems. It also accelerates flowering in some plants.

Customise plant taste

For experienced farmers or those who love the geeky kinds of stuff, you can adjust the nutrient solutions to get the desired taste. Increasing the EC is a proven way to increase flavour in many hydroponic crops

Reconfigurable grow bed

An individual can grow super-foods microgreens together with herbs or leafy greens using the included accessories.

Timelapse Video

Aside from viewing the latest photo, you can enjoy watching your plants grow with a time-lapse video. You can view these remotely in your companion App and never worry when you're on holiday.

Data Visualisation

There are 13 environmental sensors installed in the garden to monitor your plants. The data are sent securely to the cloud for the autonomous growing of plants and can be viewed from anywhere through your companion App.

Indoor Planting Benefits

Eat the freshest herbs and leafy greens all the time! Gardening is proven to reduce stress levels and can help reconnect yourself with nature.

A Simple Set-up

Small in size, perfect for most kitchens. Comes with compact design yet full of features to nurture your plants with less supervision. More Images >

Healthy and Fresh

Plant your favourite veggies, herbs, and microgreens all year round. Perfect for those who love to cook with fresh ingredients all the time!

Urban Revolution

Designed for apartments with no direct sunlight. Minimise food wastage due to spoilage and use of plastic due to transport from market.


Environmental sensors to optimise growth of plants


  • Improving Overall Wellbeing

    Plants have other benefits than providing nutrients. They can improve the quality of air in our homes and they have stress- relieving properties that can help us relax, improving our overall well being.

  • High Nutritional Value

    Fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional value from the moment they are harvested. Spinach can lose up to 90% of its vitamin C content in just 24 hours.

  • Educational and fun

    You can independently or interactively change the LED light intensity of Full-Spectrum, Blue, and Far-Red and play with plant nutrient quantity and acidity. With this option, you can customise the plant's taste and structure. It also has an overhead camera that allows you to check plant condition while you are away and a time-lapse video that the family can enjoy watching.

  • Save the Insects

    Growing plants indoors eliminates the use of harmful pesticides. Did you know that 76% of insect biomass had been lost over three decades in 100 nature reserves on Germany?

  • Food Security

    Increasing population means more food production, and in 2050 it is projected to have 10 billion people. Farms are converted to residential areas, and we already used 50% of our planet's vegetative land for agriculture.

  • Helping the environment

    Fresh produce needs to be transported and placed in cold storage requiring more fossil fuels to burn. Having your produce grown at home using renewable energy helps reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Be part of the change NOW!

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